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Black powder cartridge, Schuetzen, the vast array of single shots and vintage arms of every make and model are the subject of the variety of our reader-written stories.


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The Exchange also features an “Upcoming Matches” section with match listings for the U.S., Canada and elsewhere. These are updated every month offering subscribers many venues in which to practice their skill and enjoy the fun of competition.


• Black Powder Cartridge (BPCR/BPCS)
The nostalgic return to the emulation of the riflemen of the past has resulted in an ever increasing number of shooters participating in the long range and black powder cartridge silhouette matches being held across the U.S. and internationally as well.


The Exchange boasts a core of accomplished shooters/ writers who explore the intricacies of these most exacting shooting challenges. Whether it’s sighting equipment, loading data, bullet casting, doping the wind, reading mirage and the other myriad variables, our authors share their experience in detail offering both the novice and the veteran valuable information to improve their performance.



A recent article by one technical dynamo in our cadre of writers is “There Is No Magic Bullet” by Lee Shaver. In this article Lee states that “Problems we have with accuracy are at times not the problems we think we have. So how do you figure out what those problems might really be?”

Click here to read Part 1 of this fine two-part article.


Long-time subscriber Tom Ball records a memorable elk hunt in his story “Hunting with Paper Patch Bullets in Sharps 45/120 AKA 45/110.” Click here to read his interesting, detailed account.


In another selection, highly-regarded BPCR expert and book author Croft Barker presents a comprehensive, in-depth look at “Handloading the .50-70 for Antique and Modern Rifles”. Click here for this technically-adept, methodical look at loading and shooting the .50-70, our most historic centerfire.



• The Schuetzen Game

What history-minded shooter hasn’t heard of Harry Pope, George Schoyen and Dr. Mann? These titans of the Schuetzen game set many records in the 200-yard matches so prevalent in the era from the 1850s through the early 1900s. The splendid rifles of that era epitomized the precision and elegance of rifle making. Today this sport continues to find a niche in the shooting sports with dedicated enthusiasts carrying on the tradition of off-hand and bench rest shooting with cast bullets. The newcomer is often astounded at the performance of the riflemen and rifles used in this sport, turning in groups and scores equal to any of the modern rifle competitors and equipment.


The Single Shot Exchange has a bevy of writers who offer their expertise in the Schuetzen
game with articles on both shooting and the history regarding the rifles and matches of that era. Click here to read “Why Not a .32-20?” by Paul Shuttleworth in which he discusses a recent development in Schuetzen shooting.


• Collectors’ Stories
Every collector knows that there is always an exception to the various models and makes of the classic guns of the past. Our writers often explore these nuances in great detail contributing to the ever unfolding story associated with these weapons.


The novice or advanced collector will always find useful information here and perhaps your area of interest will wind up in the Exchange as well. We always encourage our subscribers to contribute stories and articles for the edification of our readers. “Collecting Single Shots: My Pope” by Lorance Newburn is one collector’s story of his quest to own an original vintage rifle. Click here to read this fascinating tale.


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Technical & How-to Articles

It would be hard to describe the range of technical and “how-to” articles published over the last 20 years since we have covered so many projects from building guns from scratch, modifying rifles and parts, techniques in bullet casting, barreling, stock making, finishing metal and wood, and just about every aspect of the gunsmithing and the vintage arms shooting genre you can imagine.

We are blessed with a subscriber base of extremely talented individuals who, over the years, have graciously and generously shared their combined experience and skill with our readers. Click here for a technical article by noted multi-book author Paul Matthews on “Low-Temp Alloys in BPCR”. Click here to read Brett Boyd’s “Sight Solution”, written in response to one subscriber’s quandary.


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Many books have been submitted for review over the past 20 years that offer new insights into shooting, collecting and just plain entertaining reading. We present brief but concise reviews as these books present themselves and offer you the opportunity to “fortify” your bookshelf