Product Review: G2 FNS 120 Super Scope

Product Review: G2 FNS 120 Super Scope
by Brett Boyd


G2 FNS 120 Super Scope. John Rigby & Company, Gunmakers, 500 Linne Rd., Suite D, Paso Robles, CA 93446. Tel: (805) 227-4236. Current pricing available at

The prestigious John Rigby Company has introduced the pen-ultimate spotting scope for serious target and long-range varmint hunting shooters. Rigby’s Geoff Miller, a long-time devotee of long-range precision shooting, explained that the “glass” available to civilians in the shooting sports could be greatly improved. Geoff should know as he has spent over 30 years in the aerospace industry and has vast experience in a wide array of precision optical devices.


Last year Geoff decided to do something about this problem and the G2 FNS 120 Super Scope is the result. Geoff says, “no serious hunter would choose a monocular over a binocular instrument so I designed a 120 mm scope with apochromatic lenses (corrected for four colors), binocular viewing, individual focusing for each eye and interpupillary distance adjustment. The result has been immediately obvious to everyone who has used the Super Scope. After a long day of searching for bullet holes in a far off target or locating prairie dogs, eye strain and general fatigue are dramatically reduced.”

Our scope arrived packed in a beautiful and rugged carrying case properly partitioned for each element of this scope. There are three basic items which must be assembled for use: the main body of the scope, the binocular section and the two eyepieces. Unpacking and assembly takes less than a minute. Once the interpupillary distance is established (that’s the distance between your eyes) and the individual eye focus is established the scope is set for use. The optical quality of this instrument is without peer in my over 30 years of using spotting scopes. Nothing I have ever used can compare to the clarity, brightness and ease of use that this instrument delivers.

This scope is large measuring about 20″ long and weighs about 8 pounds. The scope requires a sturdy tripod and Geoff recommends the Manfrotto Grip Action Ball Head and quick release plate/adapter for optimum flexibility of this unit. The 120 mm objective has tremendous light gathering ability and coupled with the two pairs of ocular lenses in 20X and 30X makes spotting, bullet holes and varmints alike, a breeze. This is definitely the “new generation” of optical equipment available to the sportsman and sure to become the new standard for excellence.~

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