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Click on “Description” below for an index of featured articles from back issues of The Single Shot Exchange dating from the year 2019. With some exceptions, the first article listed under the issue date is an historical reprint published circa late 1800s to early 1900s.

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December 2019

Big Game Hunting in Montana (S&F, Vol 13, No 8)

Sighting-In Our New H&A’s (Mike Nesbitt)

The Ramblings of a Collector/Accumulator, Part II (Detlef Jaussaud)

Typically Greener, Typically Fine (Terry Wieland)

A Willie Nelson Moment (Ted Kalvitis)

The Hunting of Geronimo (Jerry “Kingfisher” Williams)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


November 2019

Thanksgiving at Stites (S&F, Vol. 13, No 22)

A Springfield in .58 Caliber (Charles J. Sharps, PhD)

Yard Wars (Ted Kalvitis)

Almost Like Custer’s (Mike Nesbitt)

Frank—the Other Wesson (Terry Wieland)

Switching to Black Powder ( Lee von Borstol)

Sam’s Gun (Billy J. Wallace)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


October 2019

The Education of a Sportsman, Pt II ( S &F, Vol 8, No. 11)

Two Springfields Find a New Home (Charles J. Sharps, PhD)

Colt’s Bisley Model Revolver  (Mike Nesbitt)

Doctor Maynard’s Rifle (Terry Wieland)

TexasMac’s Ramblings: My BPCR Bore Leading Saga (Wayne McLerran)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


September 2019

The Education of a Sportsman (S&F, Vol. 8, No. 10)

Rediscovering the Stevens Sure Shot (Trader Jeff)

Hannah’s First Quigley (Mike Nesbitt)

Gibbs, Farquharson, and Metford (Terry Wieland)

TexasMac’s Ramblings: BPCR Brass – Stretching and Shortening Over Time? (Wayne McLerran)

Here’s How I Did It! (Tom West)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


August 2019

Notes on Some Modern Explosives (S&F, Vol. 8, No. 11)

Winchester’s New 73 Carbine in .44/40 (Mike Nesbitt)

On Cleaning .22 Rimfire Barrels (Ted Lewis)

Schoyen, Ballard, & Stevens (Terry Wieland)

The Ramblings of a Collector/Accumulator (Detlef Jaussaud)

Basic Gunsmithing: Bunged-Up Screw Heads (Roy Huntington)

Book Review: The Golden Age of the American Schuetzenfest (Lee Shaver)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


July 2019

Best on Earth ( J. S. Danforth, Vol. 35, No 10)

A Fine Flintlock Fowler from a TVM Kit (Mike Nesbitt)

The Spitting Winchester  (Steven G. Kruse)

Product Review: Steve Earle Scope Rings

Simple and Elegant: The Ames Model 1842 Navy Pistol (Lawrence Angus)

Alexander Henry of Edinburgh (Terry Wieland)

My Favorite .38-55 (Ted Lewis)

Creed Moor or  Creedmore? What’s in a Name? (Jeff Ritter)

.240 Gibbs Dies Find a New Home (Dr. Charles Sharps, Phd)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


June 2019

The Manipulation and Care of Rifles (Ralph Greenwood, Vol. 10, No. 11)

TexasMac’s Ramblings: Haenel – K.K. Sport – A Vintage German .22 LR Target Rifle (Wayne McLerran)

Removing Stuck Cases (Ted Lewis)

Milton Farrow’s Masterpiece (Terry Wieland)

Book Review: American Rifle Sights – Tom Rowe

Smith & Wesson’s #3 New Model – Mike Nesbitt

Great Moments in Kitchen Table Gunsmithing – Ted Kalvitis

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


May 2019

Reuben Daw and His Gun Barrel Fence (Great Guns Vol IV No 6)

Great Granddad’s Shotgun (Harley G. Shaw)

.32-20 Low-Wall from C. Sharps Arms (Mike Nesbitt)

TexasMac’s Ramblings: .40-65 Win. BPCR Accuracy Twist Rate vs. Bullet Length (Wayne McLerran)

Confederate Morse (Terry Wieland)

Notes on a Contemporary Remington Rolling Block Design Rendition (Michael Estes)

An Interesting Old Ballard (Ted Lewis)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


April 2019

Notes from Maine (Geo. C. Jones, Vol 17 No 11)

Why He Shot at a Man for a Deer (Vol 17 No 20)

Experience with a Wounded Deer (Vol 17 No 11)

Navy Arms Rolling Block Rifles, 1978 to 2018 ( Carl Schmidt)

Long Shot (Ted Kalvitis)

Remington No. 7 (Rolling Block) (Terry Wieland)

Back to the .50/70 (Mike Nesbitt)

Research from the Shooting Bench (Lawrence Angus)

An Old Low-Wall Gets a Second Life (Ted Lewis)


March 2019

A Hunting Trip to Oregon (Sherman Powell)

The 7th (Hopefully Annual) Icicle Match

La Bell Remington (Ted Kalvitis)

A Not So Funny Thing Happened on the Way to a Moose Hunt… (Don Harding)

TexasMac’s Ramblings: Replacing Crosshairs in Vintage External Adjustable Scopes (Wayne McLerran)

A TCR in 240 Gibbs; A 6mm Legendary Wildcat (Charles Sharps, PhD)


February 2019

In the Woods with a Revolver (Vol. 35 No. 26)

Highlights from Our Buffalo Camp (Mike Nesbitt)

TexasMac’s Ramblings: Broken Shell or Separated Case Extractors (Wayne McLerran)

Grandsons’ Antelope (Charles Sharps, PhD)

Product Review: Replacement Cylinders for Ruger Old Army Revolvers

Vo-Tech Rifles (Joe Turman)

Chamber Polishing (Lee Shaver)

A Funny Thing (Don Barron)


January 2019

A Winter Day (Vol. 35 No 26)

The Revolver and Pistol for Hunting (A. L. A. Himmelwright)

The Schuetzen Project, Part III (W. Kevin Dougherty)

TexasMac’s Ramblings: De-Clicking Unertl, R. W. Fecker, & Lyman Scope Mounts (Wayne McLerran)

SPG’s New Tropic Bullet Lube (Mike Nesbitt)

Elk Hunting is Hard Work!! (Charles Sharps, PhD)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)




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