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Click on “Description” below for an index of featured articles from back issues of The Single Shot Exchange dating from the year 2008. With some exceptions, the first article listed under the issue date is an historical reprint published circa late 1800s to early 1900s.

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December 2008

The All-Round Rifle (Montezuma, Vol. 23, Nov. 8)

Wanted: A Tang Sight We Can Clean Under (Paul A. Matthews)

A Time Analysis of Casting Bullets and Case Preparation for a Long Day’s Shoot (Bill Springfield)

2008 World Creedmoor: A Great Time Was Had by All! (Vern Seiler)

The Match at a Glance (Bob Saathoff)

The Swiss M1897 Single Shot Schmidt-Rubin Cadet and GP90 Ammunition, Part II (William Roth, Jr.)


November 2008

Light and Heavy Bullets and Their Uses (Vol. 10, No. 11)

Battlefield Pickup (Croft Barker)

Semi-Fixed Ammunition in the .45-70 (Paul A. Matthews)

Reloading and Shooting the Greene Breechloading Bolt Action Rifle (Garry Hollands)

Nitre Bluing: A Tall Step Up from Cold Bluing… (Greg Cameron)


October 2008

Conquering a Stubborn Rifle (D. L. F. Chase, Vol. 10, No. 16)

Adventures in Handloading the 577-.450, Part 2 (Croft Barker)

Low-Temperature Alloys in BPCR (Paul A. Matthews)

Return to Shawnee Flat (Eddie R. Defew)

Benchrest Dies for BPCR? (Nick Naul)

Book Review: More How-To’s for the BPCR Shooter (Brett Boyd)

Tech Tips (Greg Cameron)


September 2008

Rest-Shooting (Vol. 2, No. 3)

Why Not A .32-20? (Paul Shuttleworth)

Adventures in Handloading the 577-.450, Part 1 (Croft Barker)

The 2008 Quigley Rifle Match (Rich Kayser)

Review: Cartridge Belt and Arming the West book (Brett Boyd)


August 2008

Modern Powders in BP Rifles (George Shorkley, Vol. 32, No. 10)

The Merit No. 3 Master Disc (Paul A. Matthews)

The Remington No. 2 and the .22 Rimfire Cartridge (Donald Klinko)

…C.Sharps Arms M1874 Sharps in .38-55 WCF (Bill Springfield)

Product Review: G2FNS 120 Super Scope (Brett Boyd)


July 2008

Lee Straight Pull Rifle (Vol. 22, No. 14)

The Mythological Sharps “Big Fifty” (Donald Klinko)

Tuning for Accuracy: Stock Repair (Croft Barker)

The Potato Ricer (Paul A. Matthews)

Book Review: Loading and Shooting the Traditional Schuezten Rifle (Bill Ferguson)


June 2008

Cervus to Greenwood (Vol. 10, No. 10)

Creating a Gemmer Tang (Scott Coy)

An Enigma Wrapped in a Mystery (Croft Barker)

This Year Do a Gong Shoot ( Richard J. Keogh)

The .38-90 Express (Ray Hoffman)

The .25-20 WCF (Roger Gaston)

Opportunity Drawing Benefits: Abused Children

Product Review: Windgauge Front Sight

A Cheap Rolling Block (J. Erick Keel)


May 2008

Nitro Powders in Rifles (Vol. 20, No. 19)

Tuning for Accuracy: Disassembly & Cleaning 101 (Croft Barker)

Making a .45 Caliber LDPE Jag (Paul A. Matthews)

The .338 Brewer Schuetzen Cartridge (Charles A. Bovino)

Tech Tips: A Neat Little “Gizmo” for Your Bench (Greg Cameron)

Re-Doing an Old Rolling Block (Billy Henson)

My 125-Year Old Marlin Ballard Farwest (Don Hubbard)

My Rolling Block My Sweetheart (Tom Oppel)


April 2008

A Homily on the .25 Caliber

Tuning for Accuracy: Fitting Barrel Bands

Choosing Your “Side Match” .22 Rimfire Rig

Albert G. Warriner, A Biography


March 2008

Mountain Echoes (Iron Ramrod, Vol. 13, No. 14)

Fire Forming Brass (Croft Barker)

Sharps .45 Caliber Long Range Bullet (Tom Ball)

Building a Gemmer Trapdoor Springfield (Scott Coy)


February 2008

Rifle Gossip, How to Keep Your Rifles in Good Order (Louis Bagger, Vol. 6, No1)

The Creedmoor Bullet (Paul A. Matthews)

Out on a Limb (Croft Barker)

The .32 Brewer Schuetzen Cartridge (Charles A. Bovino)

Three Men from Arizona (George Harris)

Single Shot .22 Rimfires & Steel Varmints (Ted Kramer)

Book Review: Yellow Book of Selected Articles (Brett Boyd)


January 2008 (SOLD OUT)

Christmas at Perry’s (S&F, Dec. 15, 1898)

Globe Sights (Croft Barker)

A Tale of Two 22’s (Don MacChesney)

Charlie’s…Casting Ladle (Paul A. Matthews)

Conversion of a Sharps… (Scott Coy)

Starline Rolls Out New 38/55 Brass Case

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