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Back Issues of The Single Shot Exchange

Click on “Description” below for an index of featured articles from back issues of The Single Shot Exchange dating from the year 2024. With some exceptions, the first article listed under the issue date is an historical reprint published circa late 1800s to early 1900s.

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May 2024

Drift (Part 1) (S&F, Vol 15, No 23)

Buffalo Camp’s Little Quigley Match (Mike Nesbitt)

Old Photos: Memories of Yesteryear

An April Story (Ted Kalvitis)

Innsbruck Mystery (Terry Wieland)

My Trapdoor Sporting Rifle (Jim Mountain)

A Shiloh Sharps (Charles Sharps, PhD)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


April 2024

Rifles for Big Game (S&F, Vol 15, No 19)

Revolvers for Large Game Shooting (S&F, Vol 15 No 19)

The “Meat Hunt” at Buffalo Camp (Mike Nesbitt)

Books, Books, Books (Terry Wieland)

Montani Semper Liberi (Ted Kalvitis)

Sprucing Up My 310 Martini Cadet Rifle (Francis McDaniel)

That’s My Girl! (Laura Hand)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


March 2024

A Six Days’ Hunt in the Rockies (S&F, Vol 15 No 18)

Buffalo Camp’s Revolver Trail (Mike Nesbitt)

Old Photos: Memories of Yesteryear (Chris Koszewski)

Yet Another Stevens Mystery (Terry Wieland)

TexasMac’s Ramblings: Drilling & Tapping Scope Blocks Holes (Wayne McLerran)

Two 73’s (Glyn Stanway)

The Gun I’ve Always Wanted, But Still Don’t Own! (Jeff Ritter)

Who Was (is) W. Belfield? (Charles Sharps)


February 2024

Moose Hunting Under Difficulties (S&F, Vol 15 No 7)

November Silhouettes (Mike Nesbitt)

Old Photos: Memories of Yesteryear (Allen Brannin)

Groundhogs & Soybeans; 1954 (Pt 2) (Francis McDaniel)

The Adolph-Weber Target Pistol (Terry Wieland)

A Large Hopkins & Allen Falling Block in 12 Gauge (Charles Sharps)

Build It and They Will Come (Michael Clites)

Rambling Thoughts (Steve Earle)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


January 2024

Moose Hunting Under Difficulties (S&F, Vol 15 No 6)

My Trailblazer (Mike Nesbitt)

Old Photos: Memories of Yesteryear (Carl Schmidt)

Deer Season 1963 (Gary Robinson)

The Timing of the Screw (Terry Wieland)

My Wurfflein Fascination, Both New & Old (Pt 3) (Clint Meier)

The 1st Vintage Sporting & Rook Rifle Match of the 21st Century (Roy Beeson)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)

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