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Back Issues of The Single Shot Exchange

Click on “Description” below for an index of featured articles from back issues of The Single Shot Exchange dating from the year 2007. With some exceptions, the first article listed under the issue date is an historical reprint published circa late 1800s to early 1900s.

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December 2007

Thanksgiving Notes. (Jack Pine, S&F, Nov. 26, 1896)

“Minie,” Part 2 (Croft Barker)

Apertures for Aging Eyes (Nick Naul)

A Trapdoor and the Lives It Touched (Roy Poole)

FrankenBorchardt (J. Eric Keel)

Puff-Lon Lapping Ballistic Filler  (Dennis Kessler)

“Zorro” Lube (Tom Kohli)


November 2007 (SOLD OUT)

A Maine Hunting Trip

“Minie,” Part 1

Schuetzen Goes Smokeless

The Uberti 1885 Reproductions

Tech Tips: Dealing with Broken Screws


October 2007 (SOLD OUT)

How the Freund Improvement Works

Selecting a Cast Bullet (Croft Barker)

Cimarron/Uberti Low Wall .22 (Tom Ball)

1863 New Model Sharps (Bob Guthrie)

Wheel Weights and Casting Flux (Bill Ferguson)

Notes from a Gun Collector’s Wife (Terri Riter)


September 2007

Freund Bros. Inventions and Improvements

A Tyro’s First Match (Croft Barker)

Cause for Concern (Greg Cameron)

The Bullet Casting Ladle (Paul A. Matthews)

Report on 2007 Summer Matches


August 2007

An English Rifleman and Author (Vol 33, No1)

A Mayor and a Rifleman on Rifles and Missiles (Vol. 16, No. 17)

A Search for the Missing Link (Greg Cameron)

How I Made That Rifle Shoot (Dennis Billings)

“Squirrel Assassin’s” Pocket Rifle (Brett Boyd)

The Edwards Plateau (Croft Barker)

Restoration: Bargain or Not? (Eric Keel)

Product Review: Scope Stand

Notes from a Gun Collector’s Wife (Terri Riter)


July 2007

The .30-40 Rifle, Part 2 (Horace Kephart, Vol. 24, No. 26)

Accuracy with the BPCR, Part 2 (Charles A. Bovino)

Paper Patched Bullets in a 45/90 Sharps (Tom Ball)

Book Review: Remington .22 Rimfire Rifles (Brett Boyd)

Now Forming “Friends of Billy Dixon” Match Events

Notes from a Gun Collector’s Wife (Terri Riter)


June 2007

The .30-40 Rifle (Horace Kephart, Vol. 24, No. 23)

Accuracy with the BPCR (Charles A. Bovino)

Neck Tension (Croft Barker)

The Ivey Drop Tube (Nick Naul)

In Review: RangeMate & Paper Patched Bullets book

Lone Star Invitational

Notes from a Gun Collector’s Wife (Terri Riter)


May 2007

Rifle Rests (Vol. 24, No. 13)

Optics Options (Tom Lewis)

Old West Bullet Moulds (Nick Naul)

So Who Needs Rifling? (Garry Hollands)

Resurrection: 50-70 Remington RB (Charles Sharps, PhD)

Pedersoli 1874 Model Sharps (Bill Springfield)


April 2007

The National Bundesfest, Part 2. (Vol. 24, No. 13)

A Brief History of the National Bundesfest

Vernier Sights ( Croft Barker)

Magic Combos for a 40/90 Sharps BN (Tom Ball)

Book Review: The Martini-Henry Note-Book (Brett Boyd)


March 2007

The National Bundesfest (Vol. 24, No. 13)

Lapping the Mould (Croft Barker)

A Sight Solution (Brett Boyd)

The Project: BSA Martini Conversion (David Simpson)

A Remington RB in 50-110 (Charles Sharps, PhD)

A Little More About Cleaning BP Firearms (Garry Hollands)

A Model 1879 Remington RB (William Roth Jr.)


February 2007

Cartridges, Part II (Vol. 19, No. 1)

38 Express—The First 375 Magnum (J. Eric Keel)

M-72 Whitney, Part II  (Croft Barker)

Hunting with Paper Patch Bullets (Tom Ball)

The Martini 25 Cal Krag (Ken Woosley)


January 2007

A Christmas Outing (Reuben Harwood, Vol. 25, No. 9)

A British Stalking Rifle (Tom Oppel)

Proper Cleaning of the BP Arm (Greg Cameron)

M-72 Whitney (Croft Barker)

Ramblin’ About Youth Rifles (Brett Boyd)

Notes from a Gun Collector’s Wife (Terri Riter)

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