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Back Issues of The Single Shot Exchange

Click on “Description” below for an index of featured articles from back issues of The Single Shot Exchange dating from the year 2004. With some exceptions, the first article listed under the issue date is an historical reprint published circa late 1800s to early 1900s.

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December 2004

Twenty-Two Caliber Experiments, Pt 2 (S&F, Oct 24, 1901)

Gun Show Hints for BPCR Buyers (Keith Nash)

Building a Schuetzen Rifle, Part II (Brett Boyd)

The Sharps-Borchardt Hunter’s Model (Charles Sharps, PhD)

Shooting Ranges of the 21st Century (Greg Cameron)

Petonica River Long Rifle Supply Co. (Robert Thompson)

Fun with My Little Ballard (Mike Krites)


November 2004

Twenty-Two Caliber Experiments

Small Dia. Flash Holes

Building a Schuetzen Rifle

A Tale of a Stevens Pocket Rifle

The 45-90, An All Purpose Rifle

Product Review: Bore Brushes & X-Stix

Ruger Elephant Rifle


October 2004

Pope Universal Moulds

The Primer Wad

Stevens Pistols & Pocket Rifles

Build a Proper Bench

The Springfield 50-70 Trapdoor

Good Results Using Goex Powder

The Latest in Frontier Attire

Shooting the New Winchester 1885 Low Wall

H&A Falling Block SS Shotgun


September 2004 (OUT OF STOCK)

New York Independent Schuetzen Corps.

Lyman: 125 Years of Service

Feeding the “Big Fifty”

A Splendid Starter Rifle

A 380 W.&C. Scott Rook Rifle

Lessons of 111 Pig Week

Product Review: Book, Cleaning Kit, Flash Target

Shooting the Austrian M1866 Wanzl

Rupertus Twist-Open Shotgun


August 2004

Rifles and Implements

HIgh Shot Syndrome

Loading the 44-77 BN

Farrow’s No. 2 Standard Rifle

A Bigger Bullet Is Better in the .43 Spanish

Ruger “Still on My Mind”

Measuring Odd Groove Rifling

Eau Claire Schuetzen Match

Product Review: Taylors & Co.; Shooter’s Box


July 2004

Target for Equalization of Calibers

My Moderately Modified Martini Metford

Assembling a 44-77 BN

The Great Blackpowder Shootout

A Voyage in Time

Napoleon’s Namesake


June 2004

Letter by H.M. Pope

Shooting the Martini Henry

The Big Five in Cartridge Rifle Accuracy

Novice Seeking Help

Ruger “On My Mind”

World Creedmoor 2004

Projects, My Friends, Beget Projects

Cimarron “Big Fifty”

New Clubs Forming

Match Reports

Going to Extremes


May 2004

Facts and Hints About Schuetzen Rifles

Casting with the Nose-Pour Mould

Why Choose a Single Shot?

Casting Ventilation

The Ballard 38-55

Martini Rifles and the Zulu War

Black Powder, Lead and Mbogo

Product Review: Wads, Tin, Firearms book, Winchester Rifles


April 2004

Ventilated Rifle Barrel

Another Look at the Werndl

The Rolling Block: Some Ways to Add a Scope

The Snider: A Shooting Project with History

New Help for Tired Eyes

The 1874 Pedersoli Sharps

Shootin’ the Breeze: World Creedmoor 2004

Product Review: Replica Catalog; Sight Products

Match Reports


March 2004

Experimenting with a Ballard

Elevation, Yes; Windage, No!

Success, It Tastes Like Chickens!

The Big Five in Cartridge Rifle Accuracy

Anatomy of a Custom Stock

Ptarmigan and a Maynard Shotgun

Two Tang Sights from Pedersoli

Match Reports


February 2004

An Old Rifle, and Its Story

Product Review: Buttplate Screws

Brooks’ New Bullet Moulds

The Hudson Bullet and the Remington Hepburn

Shooting the .43 Spanish Rolling Block

The Collection

How I Learned to Do “the Werndl”

Building a Case

Product Review: Beech Combination Sights

Match Reports


January 2004

The New Minister’s Christmas

Challenging Recoil

The Story of One Ballard

Percussion Sharps Rifle

Morning Reflections, Fall 2003

21st Century Bullets for the 19th Century Rifle

Single Shot Orphan

Some Old Ideas Never Die

Brief History of the Trapdoor Springfield

The Buffalo Shoot

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