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Back Issues of The Single Shot Exchange

Click on “Description” below for an index of featured articles from back issues of The Single Shot Exchange dating from the year 2002. With some exceptions, the first article listed under the issue date is an historical reprint published circa late 1800s to early 1900s.

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December 2002

The Modern American Rifle, Part 4 (S&F, Dec 4, 1890)

Remington’s Custom Shop Rolling Blocks (Will Cordes)

Scopes: Some Observations & Opinions (Tom Lewis)

Having Fun with the Stevens 44-1/2 (Rick Jones)

The Ghost of Old Tip, Part 2 (Paul A. Matthews)

BP Moly and Bore Butter (Robert Brown)

Notes from a Gun Collector’s Wife (Terri Ritter)


November 2002

The Modern American Rifle, Part 3 (S&F, Dec. 4, 1890)

Little Loads for Little People (Maj. Richard J. Keogh)

An Introduction to the Ballard LR Rifles (John Dutcher)

World Creedmoor Invitational 2002 (Greg Cameron)

The Ghost of Old Tip (Paul A. Matthews)

Ruger No. 1 Love Affair (Thomas E. Oppel)

Product Review: Scope, Rifle, Book, Cleaning Rod

Notes from a Gun Collector’s Wife (Terri Ritter)

Gaining Popularity (Roger Wiltz)

The Trapdoor Shoot


October 2002

The Modern American Rifle, Part 2 (S&F, Nov. 27, 1890)

The Ghosts, the Buck and the .40-82 (Ronald Klier)

One Ugly Gun (Stephen J. Safos)

Maj. Ned Roberts & the Schuetzen Rifle (Gerald D. Kelver)

Ballards I’ve Known and Loved (Brett Boyd)

Product Review: Books & Bullets


September 2002

The Modern American Rifle, Part 1 (S&F, Nov. 13 + 20, 1890)

Joe Seeley: Gunsmith & Engraver (Paul A. Matthews)

A What????!!!! A “Benny” (Tom Lewis)

The Mystique of the British Big Bore (Charles J. Sharps, PhD)

Introduction to BPCR Loading (Maj. Charles R. Raitlel)

Notes from a Gun Collector’s Wife (Terri Ritter)


August 2002

A Veteran Rifleman and Pioneer Gunsmith (S&F, April 9, 1896)

The .38-55 and the Silhouettes (Paul A. Matthews)

The Trapdoor Over the Door (Daniel J. Barret)

OId Age and Treachery (Ben Wilson)

Dan’l Fraser Highlander Falling Block (James Thilenius)

Alex Henry Moose Hunt (John Morgan)

Shooting an Original 25-21 Stevens

Product Review: Flash Target

H&R Mod 157 & Stevens 414 Armory Mod 22 (Daniel J. Barrett)

Notes from a Gun Collector’s Wife (Terri Ritter)


July 2002

From a British Point of View (S&F, July 30, 1905)

The Blanket Gun (Will Cordes)

A Fox, A Dog and A Boy (Garry Hollands)

Tale of Two Rifles, Part II (Tom Lewis)

Your .45-120 Sharps Will Shoot! (Lawrence J. Bruno)

Product Review: Peters and King book; Keritool Hoke Sights

Butch’s Black Powder Bore Shine (Paul A. Matthews)

Notes from a Gun Collector’s Wife (Terri Ritter)


June 2002

Rifle Telescopes, Part 3. (S&F, April 25, 1906)

Single Shots Come In Different Sizes (Greg Cameron)

A W.W. Greener Martini Cadet in the Woods (Ken Woosley)

Milestone Memory (Will Cordes)

A Rare Collection of Single Shots (Joel Black)

Maximum Performance from your “Trapdoor” (Roger Wiltz)

Product Review: Pioneer Products Sight Insert Rotator, Re-De capper, Spotting Board

The Wire-Cutting RB & the Blimp-Shooting Double Barrel (Dan Barrett)

Notes from a Gun Collector’s Wife (Terri Ritter)


May 2002

Rifle Telescopes, Part 2. (S&F, April 25, 1906)

Browning Trigger Job in a Bag! (Benjamin A. Wilson)

Proper Stock Repair (Robert Fulton)

In Search of Lead (Garry Hollands)

Casting with the Nose-Pour Mould (Paul A. Matthews)

Buffalo Arms New Products

The Hunter’s Cartridge Companion (Will Cordes)

Notes from a Gun Collector’s Wife (Terri Ritter)

Product Review: Croft Book & Parsons Scope Caps


April 2002

Rifle Telescopes, Part 1. (S&F, March 29, 1906)

A Tale of Two Rifles, Part 1. (Tom Lewis)

The 8-Phase Casting Cycle, Part 2. (Darryl Hedges)

The Great American West Buffalo Hunt (Katha Higginbothom)

The Shot, the Church and the Fox (Roger Wiltz)

Product Review: 1874 Sharps, Cleaning Rods & Scope Blocks

Notes from a Gun Collector’s Wife (Terri Ritter)

March 2002

The Flight of Projectiles Nos. X & XI (S&F, April 28, 1892)

Big Medicine: Shooting a .405 Win. Mod. 1895 (Will Cordes)

Case Stretching and Separation (Lee Shaver)

The 8-Phase Casting Cycle (Daryl Hedges)

The Portuguese Guedes (Charles J. Sharps, PhD)

The B.S. A. No. 8 Aperture Sight (Edward L. Bullard)

My .45-70 Deer (John Picker)


February 2002

Individual Instruction (shooting)…Part 2. (S&F, Nov 30, 1905)

Product Review: Leather Vest

Battle of the Actions (25-35 Winchester) (Richard Waters)

Shooting the Dreyse… (Garry Hollands and Ted Peterson)

A Rolling Block in 50-70 (Charles J. Sharps, PhD)

January Buck (Roger Wiltz)

A Trapdoor Sporter (Lowell Manley)

A Battle Sight for a Hi-Wall? (Daniel Barrett)

Notes from a Gun Collector’s Wife (Terri Ritter)

A Rolling Block Bear (John Picker)

January 2002

Individual Instruction (shooting)…Part 1. (S&F, Nov 23, 1905)

King Machine Service, Ltd. (Paul A. Matthews)

Twelve-Mile Ranch’s LRBP Shoot (Charles J. Sharps, PhD)

Shooting the 7.5X53.5 Swiss (William Roth Jr.)

Use of Type Metal for Casting Bullets or Ball (Benton Marder)

Swinging Silhouettes (Daniel J. Barrett)

Review: Stukey’s Sturdy Shooting Bench

Loading the 50-70 for Silh. Competition (Revisited) (Croft Barker)

Notes from a Gun Collector’s Wife (Terri Ritter)

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