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Click on “Description” below for an index of featured articles from back issues of The Single Shot Exchange dating from the year 2012. With some exceptions, the first article listed under the issue date is an historical reprint published circa late 1800s to early 1900s.

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December  2012

Christmas at Beech Hill Camp (Vol. 25, No. 9)

How Accurate is Accurate Enough? (Croft Barker)

Anatomy of a Project (Brett Boyd)

Allan and Granddad’s .44-40 Colt Lightning (Paul A. Matthews)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


November 2012

Making Parts of Guns (Oct. 1904 The Sporting Goods Dealer)

Memories (Croft Barker)

Birthday Grouse (Paul A. Matthews)


October 2012

A Rifleman’s Retrospect (Cervus, Vol. 37, No. 18)

Ammo (Croft Barker)

Noseguard for Tang Sight Rifles (Stephen DeHart)

Danny Boy (Paul A. Matthews)


September 2012

Experimenting with the .25-20 Rifle (Jack Pine, Vol. 17, No. 22)

A Pennsylvania Riflewoman (S&F, Vol. 25, No. 18)

Berthier and Gras: A Tale of Two Rifles (Croft Barker)

The Stevens No. 44-1/2 Ideal English Model (William Roth Jr. )

Sean (Paul A. Matthews)


August 2012

Gus Zimmerman at Vienna (A. C. Gould, Vol. 24, No. 22)

He Is A Dead Shot. (Gus Zimmerman)

Bogus Guns (Croft Barker)

Butt Plate Trap (Dominick Pisano)

Anneal or Not to Anneal? (Tom Wilson)

The Ultimate Stevens Single Shot Rifle No. 44-1/2 Ideal (William Roth, Jr.)

Book Review: British Single Shot Rifles, Vol. 7 (Brett Boyd)

Report from the Bayshore Sportsman Club (Chris Wyman)


July 2012

Unaccountable Shots in Long Range Shooting

Vintage Glass Redux

A Stevens 410 Double

The Stevens Ideal M44 Rifle

A Rare Rolling Block Experience

What It’s All About


June 2012

Position in Rifle Shooting

Paper Patched Bullets for BP Cartridges

The Whitney, the Other Rolling Block Rifle

Falling Block Elk

In Memoriam: William Roth, Jr.

If Only My Old ’94 Could Tell the Story

Book Review: Rigby, A Grand Tradition


May 2012

Individual Championship Rifle Match

Vintage Glass

A Brown Mfg Ballard Musket Converted into a Sporting Rifle

Fitting a Webley Side by Side Outside Hammer Action

So Where Do I Start?


April 2012

Cervus to Mr. Rabbeth

A Line Throwing Single Shot

The Dakota Model 10 Single Shot

A Stevens M1875 Tip-Up Sporting Rifle..,

Porch Hunting

Dad’s Two Shots


March 2012

Collecting Single Shot Rifles

A Bullet for All Seasons

A Stevens M1872 Tip-Up Sporting Rifle Conversion

The Golden Age: Hunting with a Little Single Shot 22

Mending a Broken Stock

A Way of Life


February 2012

Telescope Sights and Mountings

A Tyro’s Guide to Powder and Ball, Part 2

A Unique Stock Bolt Design

Testing BRC Barrels

In Memoriam: David C. Higginbotham, Lone Star Rifle Co.

The Stevens M1872 Tip-Up Sporting Rifle


January 2012

Christmas Sport in Canada

More from Shooting & Fishing: “Women and Their Guns”

“Managing” the Gun Collector’s Wife: “The Sweet Sound…”

A “Crack-Shot” Christmas

A Tyro’s Guide to Powder and Ball, Part 1

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