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Click on “Description” below for an index of featured articles from back issues of The Single Shot Exchange dating from the year 2005. With some exceptions, the first article listed under the issue date is an historical reprint published circa late 1800s to early 1900s.

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December 2005

Hints for Young Riflemen (S&F, July 12, 1894)

Small Rifle Primers in the 45-70 (Paul A. Matthews)

Getz Barreled Project Rifle (Greg Cameron)

Sharps of a Different Color  (Garry Hollands)

Westley Richards, Patent of 1881 (Thomas Oppel)

Excerpt from the British SS Rifle, Vol. 4 (W. Winfer)

In Review: Book and Browning Tools (Brett Boyd)


November 2005

Scientific Consideration of the Rifle

Postell Bullet Original Design

Swedish M1867/89 Remington RB

Nostalgic Loads from PMC

Cyber IV Shoot

Match Reports from Sierra Vista, AZ

Tech Tips with Greg Cameron


October 2005

Ideal Handbook (an Excerpt)

Adventures with a Flash Hole Swage Die (William W. Frenier)

Comparing Ballistics: Percussion & CF .40-40 Maynard (Garry Hollands)

French Gras Rifle, M1874/80/14 (William Roth, Jr.)

Black Powder Rams, Part 3 (Don MacChesney)

2005 NRA Nationals, Raton, New Mexico (Gail Shuttleworth)

Tech Tips with Greg Cameron

Product Review: Front & Tang Sights (Brett Boyd)


September 2005

The Rise and Development of the American Rifle

Wanted! Primer Pocket Adapter Bushings

Rehabilitating an Old Remington Rolling Block

Retiring to the World of Black Powder & Bullet Casting

How Much Is Enough?

38-55/1885: Numbers Made In Heaven

Putting KIK Powder to the Test

Product Review: Sights & Gunsmithing; Catalogue

Tech Tips with Greg Cameron

Testing a New Electric Furnace


August 2005

George Gibbs & John Farquharson (W. Winfer)

Shooter’s Photography (Richard E. Beatty)

LETS Fluxing Agent (Paul A. Matthews)

High Noon (Tom Lewis)

Trapdoor (Keith Nash)

My First Year Shooting BPCR Matches (Edwin Steffes)

Product Review: Lugs and LR Sight (Brett Boyd)

Tech Tips with Greg Cameron

Buffington Sight Adjustment Tool (Hugh Harrington)


July 2005

The Stevens 22-15-60

One Good First Shot-Snover Style

A Better Way to Control BPCR Fouling

Short Bullets, a Low Wall & a Long Beard

Still More Smoke on 12-Bore Rifles

My First Rifle Waits 45 Yrs to be Fired

The 1878 Borchardt

Commonly Called “Lodi”


June 2005

The Mad Rifleman

David’s Sharps…40-70BN

The Rattle of Musketry

New Book: Custom Gunmakers of the 20th Century

Some More Smoke on 12-Bore Rifles

Reworking the Mod 1885 Winchester

The Russian M1870/91 Berdan

Finishing a Gunstock, Part 2

Silver Screen Legend Drawing


May 2005

The Ideal Company at Sea Girt

A Primer Pocket Swaging Die

A Dream Come True

The 2005 World Creedmoor Match

Inside the Gun Crank’s Head

Notes from the Modern Single Shot Marketplace

It’s Not a Shotgun; It’s a 20-Bore Rifle


April 2005

Recent Improvements in the .30 Caliber Reduced Load (S&F, Apr 27,1905)

Bullet Casting Tips (Paul A. Matthews)

Proper Barrel Break In (Greg Cameron)

Borchardt Resurrection (Nick Naul)

The Other Frank Wessons (Brett Boyd)

The 50-140 Sharps—Was It? (Keith Nash)

Simple Testing of Pure Metals and Eutectic Alloys (Bill Ferguson)

Local Legends of the Savage 219 (Dan Barrett)


March 2005

Testing Rifle Loads

Small Diameter Flash Holes—Conclusions

There “Ain’t No Such Thing” as a 14-Gauge

Converting a .32 Rimfire Low-Wall

22LR, Buffalos and 300 Yards

A Splendid Starter Rifle, Part 2

Beauties and Beasts

Fifty Five Years in the Wall

An Interesting Sharps Carbine

Experiments with Cast Bullet Lube Migration

Shooting the Henry Rifle


February 2005

An Outing in the North, Part III

More About Small Diameter Flash Holes

A Poor Man’s Twelve Bore—Lessons Learned

Not “For Sale”

Guedes, Gaddoes, Joubert…

Rebuilding & Shooting a Hepburn

A King of a Target

Product Review: New Sights from Lee Shaver

Goex Develops New Replica Black Powder


January 2005

An Outing in the North (S&F, Jan 13, 1898)

Primer Comparison (Jim Straight)

A Poor Man’s Twelve Bore (Charles Sharps, PhD)

Still the Favorite (Brett Boyd and Sam Brooks)

Saga of the Martini Cadets (Ken Woosley)

Annealing Wheelweight Alloy for BPCR Use (Bill Ferguson)

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