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Click on “Description” below for an index of featured articles from back issues of The Single Shot Exchange dating from the year 2023. With some exceptions, the first article listed under the issue date is an historical reprint published circa late 1800s to early 1900s.

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December 2023

A Christmas Deer Hunt in California (S&F, Vol 15 No 9)

A Sad Gift of Joy (William T. Goodman)

A Christmas Wish (Jim Abrams)

Old Photos: Memories of Yesteryear (Louis Collier)

From Out of the Past (Terry Wieland)

My Wurfflein Fascination, Both New and Old (Pt 2) (Clint Meier)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


November 2023

An Autumn Hunt (S&F, Vol 15 No 12)

Right to Left (Mike Nesbitt)

Book Review: Stevens Target Rifles, 1875-1915 (Laurie Gapko)

Old Photos: Memories of Yesteryear (Bill Lewis)

A Complete Mystery (Terry Wieland)

The Little Team that Could (Lee Shaver)

My Wurfflein Fascination, Both New and Old (Pt 1) (Clint Meier)

Groundhogs and Soybeans: 1954 (Pt 1) (Francis McDaniel)


October 2023

Standing on the Target (S&F, Vol 15 No 5)

Lever-Guns on the Trail (Mike Nesbitt)

Old Photos: Memories of Yesteryear (Clint Meier)

An Over-and-Under Conundrum: A Highly Unusual Sauer (Terry Wieland)

East Coast Silhouette Shooting (Chris de Francisci)

A Look Back at the .32 Ideal (John Stebbins)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


September 2023

An Elk Hunt in Oregon the Materialized, Pt 2 (S&F, Vol 15 No 5)

Lever-Gun, Left-Handed (Mike Nesbitt)

Old Photos: Memories of Yesteryear (Thomas Trevor)

The Range Flowers of Pennsylvania (Dan Barrett)

The Howdah Pistol: Jewels of the Raj (Terry Wieland)

Made in Belgium (Ted Kalvitis)

A Gun for a Goose (Glyn Stanway)

Cartridge Conversions: Making Obsolete Ammunition from Currently Available Components (Nick Stroebel)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


August 2023

An Elk Hunt in Oregon that Materialized, Pt 1 (S&F, Vol 15 No 4)

New from SPG: Bear Grease (Mike Nesbitt)

Old Photos: Memories of Yesteryear – The Huntress (Jan Herman)

A Toast to the Trigger (Terry Wieland)

Beyond the Bluegrass (Jeffrey Jaeger and Lisa Ice-Jones)

Great American Rifles: The Remington Hepburn No 3 Single Shot Rifle (Nick Stroebel)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


July 2023

My First Bear, Pt II (S&F, Vol 37, No 12)

Lost in a Canebreak (S&F, Vol 37, No 12)

Book Review: Stevens-Pope 1901-1913 (Joseph Dobrzynski)

Old Photos: Memories of Yesteryear

The Deciding Factor: Sometimes It’s the Cartridge (Terry Wieland)

Show Me the Hawkens! (Jeffrey Jaeger)

Black Powder Shotgunning (Mike Nesbitt)

1939 Stoeger Catalog and the Lack of Ear Protection in Those Days (Daniel Barrett)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


June 2023

Random Rifle Talks: Trouble with the Small Bores (S&F, Vol 37, No 2)

Wonders Never Cease (S&F, Vol 37, No 7)

Maintaining Steel Gongs at a Busy Club (Dan Barrett)

A Vintage Low Wall: They Never Get Old (Terry Wieland)

First Time Shooting (Kevin Ryan)

Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Sage Rat Hunting (Lee von Borstel)

.32 Caliber Flinter and One-Eyed Jack (Gary Housman)

Black Bears Attack, Too (Ben East)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


May 2023

A Moose Hunt in Ontario (S&F, Vol. 37, No 10)

Coyote vs. .58 Caliber! (Mike Nesbitt)

The Pope-Stevens Labyrinth: Big Books from Tom Rowe (Terry Wieland)

TexasMac’s Ramblings: Loading BPCR Lube-Groove Ammunition (Wayne McLerran)

Making a Platform for a Pope Machine Rest (Steve Webb)

Almost a Bear Hunt (Joe Turman)

My Moore 10 Gauge (Charles Sharps, PhD)


April 2023

A Veteran’s True Tale (S&F, Vol. 37, No 3)

Gun Farming in West Virginia (Ted Kalvitis)

My Three Stevens “Mouseketeers” (Pete Betz)

Leverage: For a Multitude of Tasks (Terry Wieland)

TexasMac’s Ramblings: BPCR Lube-Groove Cartridge Components (Wayne McLerran)

A Blind Date with a Springfield (Allie Bacon)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


March 2023

A Camp Hunt in Indian Territory (S&F, Vol 37, No 6)

My Favorite .44/77 (Mike Nesbitt)

Handloads that Rescued Rifles: Rifles Rescued by Reloads (Part Two: The .30 Shortneck) (Dan Barrett)

Old Rifle, New Barrel: A new additional barrel, that is (Terry Wieland)

A Historical Treasure: Alexander Henry Double Rifle (William Berg)

Hunting Squirrel in Oklahoma (Joe Turman)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


February 2023

Fixed on Antlers, Saw Moose Fight (S&F, Vol 37, No 4)

An Old Ripping Knife (Mike Nesbitt)

The Thorn Tree (Glyn Stanway)

Winchester’s Model 1894 Reloading Tool (John Stebbins)

Sure as Shootin’ (Ted Kalvitis)

Hunting Camp Gruber (Joe Turman)

Handloads that Rescued Rifles, Part One: The .30 Flathead (Dan Barrett)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


January 2023

A Successful Outing in the Mississippi Canebrake (S&F, Vol 37, No 13)

Triple-Wrap Paper Patching (Mike Nesbitt)

Texas Teutons: Combing Schiller and Comanches (Terry Wieland)

“I’ve a Ratty Old Shotgun, You Interested?” (Charles Sharps, PhD)

An Accidental Collection (Detlef Jaussaud)

Product Review: Steve Earle “Clickless” Unertl Style Rings

Pine Thicket Groundhogs (Ted Kalvitis)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)

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