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Click on “Description” below for an index of featured articles from back issues of The Single Shot Exchange dating from the year 2006. With some exceptions, the first article listed under the issue date is an historical reprint published circa late 1800s to early 1900s.

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December 2006

Cartridges, Part 1 (Chelan, Vol. 18, No 26)

The Swiss M1897… Part 1 (William Roth Jr.)

The Rising of My Stevens Phoenix (Brett Boyd)

I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know… (Tom Lewis)

Notes from a Gun Collector’s Wife (Terri Riter)


November 2006

Zettler Rifle Club Tournament (S&F, March 20, 1902)

A Summer Spent with Two Old Tip-Ups (Bill Frenier)

Handloading the 50-70… (Croft Barker)

The Swiss M1870… (William Roth, Jr.)

Catching the “Single Shot Bug” (Richard Bankhead)

NSSA’s First Long Range Match (Jim Capua)


October 2006

Vacation Echoes, Part 2  (S&F, Nov. 14, 1901)

At Last, An Adjustable Trapdoor Tumbler (Paul A. Matthews)

2006 PA State BPCR Silhouette Championship (John O’Donnell)

“FrankenBallard” (J. Eric Keel)

The 2006 Nationals (Gail Shuttleworth)

Bumping a 45-60 (Garry Hollands)

Taming the .45-70 (Maj. Richard J. Keogh)

The Buffalo Hunt (Ted Kramer)

An Abused Stevens 44-1/2 Rifle (William Roth Jr. )


September 2006

Vacation Echoes, Part 1 (S&F, Nov. 7, 1901)

Another Look at the Lyman 457677 Tapered Bullet (Paul A. Matthews)

Building an Original Target Rifle (Robert Thompson and Lowell Daniels)

Adventures with the 40-70 SS (Nick Naul)

So You Want to Shoot Offhand (Tom Lewis)

Old Rifles Re-Barreled or Re-Lined (Greg Cameron)

Notes from a Gun Collector’s Wife (Terri Riter)


August 2006

Modern American Rifles (S&F, June 4, 1891)

The Hand Shaketh & the Eye Groweth Dim (Croft Barker)

The Swedish M1867/89: Remington RB Revisited (William Roth, Jr.)

A Wurfllein in .22 Caliber (Brett Boyd)

A Unique Stock Bolt Design (Dominick Pisano)

My Fancy Deluxe Ballard-Pope (Steven Kern)

Book Review: NY Firearms Trade (Brett Boyd)


July 2006

Concerning Scopes (S&F, Dec 26, 1901)

Blow Tube or Wipe Between Shots? (Paul A. Matthews)

My Dad’s .410 (Ward Snearly)

Centennial Rifle (Richard W. Kayser)

The Pape Rook (David Simpson)

A Rifle by the Other Wesson (Don Toomey)

Notes from a Gun Collector’s Wife (Terri Riter)


June 2006

The .30-40 Rifle, Part II

CPA Project Rifle, Part IV

Long Range BP in the Great White North

Pan Lubricating Bullets

Swedish M1867 Remington RB

Affordable Brass Borescope

Silver Screen Legend IX

Notes from a Gun Collector’s Wife


May 2006

The .30-40 Rifle

Collecting Single Shots: My Pope

The Mauser M1871

A 50-70 Remington Rolling Block

Tech Tips from Greg Cameron

Starline Brass: New Cowboy Calibers

Trail Boss: New Powder from IMR

Beating the Winter Blues


April 2006

The Old Fashioned Rifle (S&F, Apr 30, 1896)

Pay Attention to Details (Paul A. Matthews)

Two Old Friends (Nicholas J. Ott)

The Borchardt Supremacy: Model 1878 Sharps (Nick Naul)

Squib Loads for Single Shot Rifles (Paul Shuttleworth)

Bullets: Patched and Non-Patched (Richard Beatty)

Home Is Where the Hardware Is (Terri Riter)


March 2006

Selecting a Rifle (W. G. Hudson, MD)

A Primer Pocket Bushing Extractor (Paul A. Matthews)

Tech Tips with Greg: Affordable Custom Tools

Heavy Metal:…Way to a 45-110 (Nick Naul and David Brady)

Teach the Children (Dominick Pisano)

New Year’s Eve Day Buffalo Match (Zeb Parker)

Removing a Separated Cartridge Case (Glenn M. Kaye, MD)


February 2006

Stevens-Pope Barrels (Stevens-Pope Catalog, 1902-03)

Kermitool’s New Lubricant (Paul A. Matthews)

CPA/Getz Project Rifle, Part 3 (Greg Cameron)

The Evans Repeating Rifle (Charles Sharps, PhD)

A Little Girl’s Rifle in the Making (Dominick Pisano)

Levergun Leather for Single Shot Shooters (John J. Woods, PhD)

Product Review: Catalog and Sights

The .45-70 Tarheel Country (Garry Hollands)


January 2006

A Pocket Rifle (S&F, Aug 1, 1889)

New GOEX Express Powder (Paul A. Matthews)

About Lubricants (James Koch)

CPA/Getz Project Rifle, Part 2 (Greg Cameron)

The Single Shot Military Rifle Handbook, Excerpt (Croft Barker)

A Resurrected Egyptian RB in 38-55 (William Roth, Jr.)

Book Review: Gunsmithing Guns of the Old West (Brett Boyd)

Notes from a Gun Collector’s Wife (Terri Riter)

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