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Click on “Description” below for an index of featured articles from back issues of The Single Shot Exchange dating from the year 2009. With some exceptions, the first article listed under the issue date is an historical reprint published circa late 1800s to early 1900s.

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December 2009

Portrait of a Friend: John P. Lower  (Vol. 26, No. 21)

Red River Relic, Part 3 (Croft Barker)

The Austrian Werndl M1877 Carbine (William Roth Jr.)

A Primer of Antique Reloading Tools, Part 5 (Donald W. Klinko)

It All Started with a Single Shot (Robert Portwood)


November 2009

Caribou Hunting in Newfoundland (Vol. 19. No. 9)

Red River Relic, Part 2 (Croft Barker)

Restoring a .43 Spanish Rolling Block (Myron Boyd)

A Primer of Antique Reloading Tools, Part 4 (Donald W. Klinko)


October 2009

Sights and ‘Scopes (S&F, 1902)

Red River Relic (Croft Barker)

A Swiss Martini Rifle… (William Roth Jr.)

Milestone Hunt (Eddie R. Defew)


September 2009

Sights and ‘Scopes… (S&F, 1901&02)

Tuning for Accuracy: Iron Sights (Croft Barker)

A Tale of Two Primer Wads (Paul A. Matthews)

A Primer of Antique Reloading Tools, Part 3 (Donald W. Klinko)

Metallurgy of Bullet Casting (Bill Ferguson)

Book Review: Alfred Henry Lewis’ Old Wolfville (Greg Cameron)


August 2009

Notes on Shooting Glasses


A Primer of Antique Reloading Tools, Part 2

Rowell Ladle Use

Book Review: Remington Rolling Blocks…

The 1873 Winchester as a Hunting Rifle


July 2009

Three May Days. (Vol. 26, No 6)

The Case of the Missed Peccaries.., (Lee Shaver)

Mirage of the Spotting Scope (Croft Barker)

“Managing” the Gun Collector’s Wife (Colonel G.)

Black Powder Cartridge Buck (Jerry Bishop)


June 2009

Special vs. Factory Barrels (Vol. 26, No 23)

A Brief Look at Fillers (Paul A. Matthews)

Parts (Croft Barker)

A Primer of Antique Reloading Tools…Part 1 (Donald W. Klinko)

A German Side Lever Martini by F. Bauernfeind (William Roth Jr.)

Book Review: British Single Shot Rifles, Vol. 6; Gun Powder Cans & Kegs, Vol. 2;The Last Furlough


May 2009

Telescopes and Telescopic Sights by Iron Ramrod (Vol. 9, No 17)

Luncheon Hour at Walnut Hill (S&F, June 15, 1899)

The Resurrection of an Old Soldier to New Life (James M. Williams)

The Swedish Also Liked the .32-20 WCF (William Roth Jr.)

The Heavy-Barreled Ruger Single Shot .45-70, Part 2 (Donald W. Klinko)

The Best Military Action (Croft Barker)

Building an Original Target Rifle, Revisited (Robert Thompson/Lowell Daniels)


April 2009

The Judge’s Little Shoot (Vol. 18, No 17)

Shooting the Core Group (Paul A. Matthews)

Failure to Communicate (Croft Barker)

The Heavy-Barreled Ruger Single Shot .45/70 (Donald W. Klinko)

The Evolution of a Front Rest for Benchrest Shooting (Bill Springfield)

A Lebel Lives On (Major Richard J. Keogh)


March 2009

Notes on Guns and Gunnery…Drift (Chelan, Vol. 18, No.19)

The M’Bean Telescope Sight (Vol. 24, No. 14)

SR4759 in a .45-70 BPCR (Paul A. Matthews)

Battlefield Pickup, Part 2 (Croft Barker)

Book Review: Aagaards African Adventures (Brett Boyd)

A Little Forced Air in Bullet Casting (Bill Springfield)

The Other Starr Breechloading Rifle (William Roth, Jr.)

Reloading for a Really Big Single Shot (Richard J. Keogh)


February 2009 (SOLD OUT)

Reloading .22-Calibre Central Fire Cartridges (Vol. 6, No. 8)

Harwood’s Concentric Bushings (Reuben Harwood)

Another Look at Wads (Paul A. Matthews)

The Remington M1879 Argentine Rifle…Part 2 (Donald W. Klinko)

Grease Cookies (Croft Barker)

A Set Trigger for “the Sharps That Never Was” (Nick Naul)

The .38-90 Express, Part 2 (Ray Hoffman)


January 2009

Maine Moose Hunting (St. Croix, Vol. 19, No. 9)

Steve Brooks’ New Cutoff Plate (Paul A. Matthews)

Four  Stacker (Croft Barker)

The Remington Model 1879 Argentine Rifle… (Donald Klinko)

An Unusual Swiss M1851 Stutzer… (William Roth Jr.)

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