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Click on “Description” below for an index of featured articles from back issues of The Single Shot Exchange dating from the year 2020. With some exceptions, the first article listed under the issue date is an historical reprint published circa late 1800s to early 1900s.

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December 2020

Our Christmas Story (Lynda R. Baio)

A Single Shot Christmas to Remember (Scott C. Werbelow)

Christmas Reminiscence (Jim Abrams)

I*XL Barlow Knife (Mike Nesbitt)

An Old Solider That Never Died (Terry Wieland)

TexasMac’s Ramblings: Case Wall Thickness Matters in a “Tight Chamber” (Wayne McLerran)

Inland Shell Collecting: Making a Case for the Paper Case: Part 1 (Ted Kalvitis)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


November 2020

A Deer Hunt, Part II (S&F, Vol 8 No 23)

One of My Lockdown Projects (Detlef Jaussaud)

Buffalo Camp III (Mike Nesbitt)

The Five Dimensions of Shotgun Barrels firing Shotshells (Lawrence Angus)

A New-Old Modern-Traditional Radical Classic (Terry Wieland)

Trapdoor Amore (Loco Jeff Ritter)

Book Review: The Narrative of William H. Bonney

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


October 2020

A Deer Hunt, Part I (S&F, Vol 8 No 22)

Not Quite Hoppe’s – Rediscovery of a 114-year-old Product (Terry Wieland)

Old-Time .22 Match (Mike Nesbitt)

A Hole in Our History (Ted Kalvitis)

Two Oddball Sharps (Odd Even by Sharps Standards) (Terry Wieland)

TexasMac’s Ramblings: Weight Variations in BPCR Cast Bullets (Wayne McLerran)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


September 2020

September Grouse Shooting (S&F, Vol. 8, No. 20)

My Favorite (Mike Nesbitt)

Product Review: Wyoming Sight Drifter, the Latest Generation

Three Winchester Low Walls (Carl Schmidt)

Dakota’s No. 10 – A Delicious Anachronism (Terry Wieland)

TexasMac’s Ramblings: Bullet Casting Lesson Learned (Wayne McLerran)

Of Storytelling & Sow’s Ears (Ted Kalvitis)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)

August 2020

Round Bullets in Rifles (S&F, Vol 8, No. 23)

A C. Sharps Arms Co. Carbine made from a Civil War Walnut Witness Tree (Dr. Gary Strobel)

Shooting the .32 Long Rim Fire (Mike Nesbitt)

Alexander Henry and the Scottish Style (Terry Wieland)

TexasMac’s Ramblings: Using Vibration to Settle & Compact Black Powder (Wayne McLerran)

Rat Rifle (John Brady)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


July 2020

A Talk to the Boys (Mont Vale, S&F, Vol 8, No 25)

New Model #3 in .44 Special (Mike Nesbitt)

The Gun with Two Tales, Part II (Loco Jeff Ritter)

In Search of the Perfect Rifle (Jonathan J. Dowdall)

The Mystery Schutzen (Terry Wieland)

TexasMac’s Ramblings: Browning & Winchester “Modern” 1885 Low Wall Rifle History (and Options for 22 BPCRA) Wayne McLerran

The Story of the Good Little Rifle and the Bad Little Rifle (Pete Betz)


June 2020

A Grouse with a History (Pastnor, S&F, Vol 8, No 14)

Don’t Do It! (Conlin, S&F, Vol 8, No 22)

TexasMac’s Ramblings: Measuring Groove Diameters of Odd-Groove Bores (Wayne McLerran)

A New Bullet for the .44 Sharps (Mike Nesbitt)

A Stevens Pot Pourri (Terry Wieland)

Git Gun (Ted Kalvitis)

An Unusual Remington Single Shot (Rob Jones)


May 2020

Experiments in Shooting (Antilopa, S&F, Vol 8 No 25)

Hardwood Butt to Antilopa (S&F, Vol 8 No 26)

Experiments in Shooting, Part II (Antilopa, S&F, Vol 8 No 26)

TVM’s Builder’s Kit (Mike Nesbitt)

TexasMac’s Ramblings: BPCR Brass Cleaning Solutions for a Tumbler (Wayne McLerran)

Another .22 BPCR Rifle (John Gage)

The Austrian Werndl (Terry Wieland)

Score! Maybe (Ted Kalvitis)

Stevens 44’s Thru Time (Detlef Jaussaud)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


April 2020

Way Down in Maine (Pink Edge, S&F, Vol 8, No 15)

.31 Cap & Ball/ .32 S&W (Mike Nesbitt)

TexasMac’s Ramblings: Minimizing Barrel Bounce Off Cross Sticks – Finding the Sweet Spot (Wayne McLerran)

The Mechanics and Materials of Marlin Ballard Rifles (Carl Schmidt)

Allen & Wheelock (Terry Wieland)

Wildcatting a Winchester (Ted Lewis)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)

 March 2020

The Education of a Sportsman, Part VI (S&F, Vol. 8, No 15)

Back to Buffalo Camp (Mike Nesbitt)

TexasMac’s Ramblings: Consideration & Math for External Adjustable Riflescopes, Part II (Wayne McLerran)

The Ramblings of a Collector/Accumulator, Part III (Detlef Jaussaud)

A Quite Different Webley (Terry Wieland)

My English Sporting Rifle (Loco Jeff Ritter)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver )

February 2020

The Education of a Sportsman, Part V (S&F, Vol. 8, No 14)

A New I*XL Bowie Knife (Mike Nesbitt)

“My” No. 3 (Barbara Angus)

TexasMac’s Ramblings: Consideration & Math for External Adjustable Riflescopes (Wayne McLerran)

Of Peabody and Martini—Again (Terry Wieland)

Wascally, Won-Eared Wabbit (Ted Kalvitis)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)


January 2020

Big Game Hunting in Montana, Part II (S&F, Vol 13, No 9)

My Sixgun for the Buffalo Camp (Mike Nesbitt)

The Republic of Ted (Ted Kalvitis)

Basic Gunsmithing: An Oops…and a Recovery! (Roy Huntington)

A German Schutzen, Complete with Mystery (Terry Wieland)

Old Ben’s Stevens Pistol (Ray Hoffman)

A Funny Thing (Lee Shaver)

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