Gun Stories From Yesteryear

Many would find it hard to imagine that tens of thousands of spectators attended the famous
Creedmoor matches on Long Island, New York in the 1880s, but that is indeed the case.
The shooting sports held a position on the American scene not unlike the super bowls of today.

Each month The Single Shot Exchange
publishes an article of historic significance documenting the events, matches, new product introductions, etc. associated with this golden age of shooting. These are a fascinating read excerpted from the journals of the day. Click here to read one technical selection: “The .22-Calibre Long Rifle Cartridge in a Stevens Rifle” by Ralph Greenwood.


Joshua Hasbeen presents his “Observations on Rifle-Shooting” reprinted from an 1889 issue of Shooting and Fishing. Click here for this humorous listing of Mr. Hasbeen’s recommendations. The heart of a rifleman-hunter is poignantly portrayed in “Come from Your Rest, Old Rifle”. Click here to read this stirring literary passage from the days of yore.